5 Best Ways to Use Anal Vibrators During Sex

5 Best Ways to Use Anal Vibrators During Sex Posted on February 8, 2019Leave a comment

Discover the exciting variations of pleasure vibrators in the wide variety of the online shop.

Vibrator is not the same vibrator

The offer in the online shop includes vibrators in many colors and shapes, made of different materials and in numerous designs. The selection of classic vibrators is joined by other fantastic variants: The mini-vibrator accompanies you on the way, for example during business trips. After a stressful working day, he ensures relaxation and a wonderful sleep.

Rabbit vibrators promise additional stimulation with another arm, which pampers the clitoris in addition to the anus or the vagina. The latest attraction is an app or remote controlled vibrators, which are used especially in partnership sex pleasurable.

Vibro eggs, with or without a remote control lead you completely into the vagina. These models, which operate in different levels of vibration, gently invigorate, massage the vagina and induce pure relaxation. Finger vibrators specialize in clitoral stimulation. They are simply slipped over the finger and the pleasure can begin.

How to find the right vibrator

Which vibrator is the ideal model for you? Once you’ve defined your price range, you’re wondering if you’ll need it for more fun with yourself when you’re having a good time with an escort, or if you want to incorporate it into your sex life with your partner. Do you want to be stimulated clitoral, vaginally or anal? Does the stimulation of your G-Spot primarily cause your climax? Or do you like it when multiple points are stimulated at the same time?

If you are happy with your sex life and want to indulge only a little from your fantasies now and then , a mini vibrator from the online sex shop assortment is ideal.

Vibro eggs are suitable for latent stimulation , while finger vibrators irritate the clitoris and lead to more intense orgasms. The latter can also be wonderfully incorporated into lovemaking. With vibrators with remote control or app control, you give the partner the power over your desire.

6 tips for more fun with a vibrator

For even more fun with your new vibrator:

  • Gentle light and calm
  • A comfortable location on the sofa or in bed
  • Experimentation
  • The right material surface
  • The optimal size for you
  • The right care of the device

Sexual relaxation and pleasure begin in the head. A pleasant atmosphere in subdued light and in a comfortable location will put you in a relaxed mood. Move your vibrator across your body at various speed levels. You will feel which type of stimulation suits you best. Let your fantasies run wild. Depending on your requirements, cooling metal or glass or supple soft silicone support the effect of the vibrator. In order to enjoy your model for a long time, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after use.

For good sex you need a good body feeling. With a vibrator, you get to know your body and learn more about what makes you feel like it. Order your vibrators and sex toys conveniently in the online shop and get a discreet delivery to your home – so, it is very easy, very convenient. Get some tips on how to prepare yourself using a vibrator, find out more at loveplugs.

This must be considered when buying a vibrator

The erotic rhythms of a vibrator find a diverse use in the bedroom. Whether alone or in pairs – with a vibrator, different erogenous zones can be stimulated on the whole body and not only women enjoy the exciting vibrations on the skin. These sex toys also stimulate the vagina in different ways and thus enrich the sex life:

Types of stimulation

Every woman prefers a different kind of stimulation and for every type of stimulation there is the right vibrator. The clitoral stimulation, that is an external stimulation, is favored by many women, because for many women it is the safest way to feel an orgasm. The clitoris is very sensitive, because about 8000 nerves come together. The gentle punctual stimulation of the clitoris is therefore associated with an absolute excitement for many women. Small vibrators with a Lustperle or Auflegevibratoren are just the right models to stimulate your clitoris pinpoint.

Another type of stimulation is vaginal stimulation, which most women perceive as significantly more intense than clitoral stimulation. This is because vaginal stimulation stimulates the inside of the vagina, especially the cervix. In order to reach this point, women have to move more and stimulate thereby a stronger circulation, which in the end ensures that the orgasm is perceived more strongly. Also inside the vagina is the G-spot, this point – a slightly rougher spot – lies above the vaginal wall. Some women are extremely sensitive to this point and stimulation, especially from vibration, can cause unexpected orgasms. To stimulate the point, there are vibrators specially shaped to stimulate the G-spot.

During sex, both the clitoris and the vagina are stimulated. Therefore, sex toys that stimulate both inside and outside of the outside are particularly popular because you feel a realistic love game most likely and therefore provide unexpected orgasms.

Which different materials are there?

The material that makes up the vibrator significantly affects the excitement that you can feel with a vibrator. Which material is most suitable for you depend entirely on your own preferences?

Silicone (similar to TPE and ABS): Silicone is probably the most popular material for best anal vibrators, because it offers many advantages. Silicone is a very supple material with seamless workmanship that quickly adapts to body temperature and feels like real skin. Silicone is odorless, latex free and hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, silicone is a very hygienic material, which can be easily and quickly cleaned. Care should be taken to use only water-based lubricants.

Anal Vibrators – What to pay attention to when buying

When buying an anal vibrator, there are quite a few criteria to consider. The following points will give you a little guide for the purchase. The material not only affects the optics of the vibrator. Rather, it also determines how appropriate sex toys feel. For example, some vibrators can be heated in advance. You are looking for even more variety in anal vibrators? Then experts recommend a model with nubs or grooves.

Erotic bathing pleasing: No problem! When buying, make sure that the corresponding anal vibrator is waterproof. Then you can easily use this in the bathtub.

In addition, it is advisable when buying an anal vibrator to make sure that it is shaped so that it can easily be removed from the anus or not even slip off. A greater weight you should therefore also buy on the adjustment of the vibration and the shape of the corresponding anal vibrator. Sometimes the attachments of anal vibrators are interchangeable. With an anal vibrator with interchangeable essays, lovemaking can be varied accordingly – be it solo or with the partner.

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