Hosting your first sex party? Here are the things you need to know

Hosting your first sex party? Here are the things you need to know Posted on September 13, 2021Leave a comment

As if hosting a party or a social get-together isn’t stressful enough, having people fuck all over your sofas and TV loungers is much worse! And what should you do about power snacks, refreshments, or stains? Well, if you’re a good host, orgies can be playful, pleasurable, and insanely fun. But, they could also end in disaster if you’re not careful. If you are thinking about hosting your first sex party, here are the things you’ll need to know!

Whom Should I Invite?

You should know everyone personally. Also, you have to make sure that all of your guests are on the same page. So pick like-minded people who are into swinging and group sex. Your guests have to be comfortable with STI testing or similar. Plus, you’ll need to trust them to respect your privacy. 


The worst thing you can do is to invite a bunch of people over to watch the Super Bowl and try to coax them into a surprise orgy when the game ends! Also, don’t invite strangers from Craigslist, social media, or wherever else. Ideally, you should invite someone with a lot of experience. That way, they can put things in motion and serve as the orgy coordinator.

However, it can sometimes be tricky to host your first party if you don’t know anyone. A good tip here is to make connections in sex-positive communities in your area. You can check out local social media groups or forums to meet like-minded orgy-lovers. Then, attend the meetups strictly for the sake of finding a sex party posse. If you meet orgy-worthy people and want them to attend your sex party, feel free to invite them! 

What Am I Expected to Provide for Guests?

Firstly, consider all the essential items for safe sex. That includes condoms. Since there’s no way to be sure, you should provide non-latex and latex condoms. The same goes for gloves. Generally, you have to ensure that all attendees are tested and healthy. This is a #1 party rule for all orgies! 


Moreover, some guests could insist on bringing their own condoms and sex supplies. Still, it’s common courtesy for the host to provide some of these items. You should also have lots of lube along with personal hygiene products. That includes handy wipes and towels. If you’re afraid of stains, ask your guests to do their “orgying” over the towels. That way, you’ll protect your couch from cum stains, pussy juice, and other bodily fluids. 


And regarding sex toys, most people will bring their own. There’s no harm in impressing your guests with a couple of new examples, though. If you’re planning a BDSM play party, you should provide the toys and accessories. For example, for a group flogging, it will be easier if you provide the floggers, restraints, ball gags, etc.

The last thing to note here is that you do not need to have a sex club or mansion like the one from “Eyes Wide Shut.” You can have amazing orgies regardless of space. It will all depend on the people you invite and what you are willing to do with them.  

What Snacks Should I Put Out?

Whatever you do, don’t serve your guests a bowl of gummy bears! Sex parties can be exhausting, and great sex requires effective fuel. Therefore, you should provide plenty of nourishing snacks. But, also think about which foods feel sexy. Definitely avoid cabbage, broccoli, garlic, and similar power foods. While they’re wholesome, they’re not the sexiest snacks in the world! The same goes for smelly cheese or greasy buffalo wings. 


Instead, try fun, nutritious, and easy-to-share foods. That includes fruit dipped in chocolate (peaches, bananas, strawberries, etc.). Anything with mint or ginger is also recommended because it will improve your breath. 


Regarding drinks, plenty of water is key. Orgies usually require a lot of energy, and they make the heat rise up. Drinks with electrolytes are also a neat idea. In a nutshell, fruits and sports drinks are the best fuel for your sex party! 

What Should the Setup Be?

Like we’ve said, space is not the most important thing. Yet, it won’t harm you to think about adapting your space for the orgy. If you have lots of rooms, you can designate them according to different sexual activities. For instance, set up a makeout room, blowjob salon, gangbang dungeon, and so on. If you don’t have a lot of space, try to leave one room free for socializing and making out and another for more adventurous sex acrobatics. That way, your guests will not have to see or do anything that feels uncomfortable. 


It’s always nice to provide a quiet place because lots of orgy-goers simply want to have a good time while hanging out and chatting with others. Also, you can be creative and set up a certain dress code or theme (e.g., Roman or vampire orgy, etc.).

Should I Designate Someone to, Like, Direct Traffic?

As mentioned, try to invite an orgy pro to your swinger’s party. It would be even better if most of your guests are experienced in orgies and you only have a small number of beginners. 


Plus, almost every successful orgy sticks to a schedule. If you’re hosting, you don’t have to be the one who overlooks that schedule. Instead, you can give those duties to someone who’s more experienced. An orgy pro will try their best to direct the pace of the activities. They’ll oversee that everyone feels comfortable. 


Another crucial factor is timing. In typical sex parties, people usually hang out for an hour until everyone arrives. During this time, the guests can mingle. They can also discuss the ground rules and expectations. If you put an orgy veteran in charge of the proceedings, they can ensure that everything is in order and kick off the sex party.

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Are There Any Other Responsibilities I Should Give Guests?

Most orgies have a caddy or a person who watches the action and helps out by fetching things. This individual is usually a newbie or someone who doesn’t want to participate in all of the action. 


For example, the people who are having sex could be too busy to get up and reach for more condoms. The caddy could bring condoms, handy wipes, toys, water, and similar items to them. Sometimes, your partner could take the role of the caddy if you’re in a monogamous relationship. If they want you to fulfill your fantasy but don’t want to participate, this could be a great role for them. 

Is There a Gentle Way to Kick Everyone Out at the End of the Night?

This truly depends on the type of party. If you set an end time, the guests should definitely leave by that time. However, if you’re having an orgy free-for-all, people could stay for as long as they want. This is up to you to decide. If you have to kick people out, the best way is to give them a heads-up 15–20 minutes in advance. That way, they can squeeze in one more orgasm and quickly wrap up the scene before they pack up.


You should be ready to host your first orgy now! Follow our tips and have fun!

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