How to Use Anal Hooks to Pleasure Your Woman

How to Use Anal Hooks to Pleasure Your Woman Posted on April 24, 2019Leave a comment

The correct application of a penis ring is crucial for the desired result – a harder erection, a delayed ejaculation and a more intense orgasm. In this post you will came to know how to properly apply a cock ring, what you should pay attention to the material, which size is suitable for which penis circumference and much more.

Why use a cock ring?

The purpose of a penis ring is to create a slight congestion in the penis. On the one hand this strengthens the erection, on the other hand this delays the ejaculation, that is, man can last longer. In addition, the orgasm feels for him a lot more intense.

How do I put on a penis ring?

The ring should be applied in the flaccid or half-legated state of the penis. First, the ring is pulled over the glands to the middle of the penis shaft. From there it can be pulled further to the end of the shaft and, in the third step, pushed around the testicles to the root of the penis. The penis becomes stiff after donning.

The cock ring should be tight, but not so tight that it hurts. For stretchable silicone rings, one to two fingers should fit through the ring once it touches the penis root. For metal rings should definitely fit two fingers. So the penis still has enough space after erection to erect. If the penis increases in size too much, this indicates a swelling and the ring should be removed immediately.

How do I wear a penis ring?

Penis rings can be worn around the penis shaft or penis shaft and testicles at the same time, at the so-called penis root. As a rule, cock rings are worn on the root of the penis. But they can also be worn below the penis tip or in the middle of the penis shaft. This usually applies to penis rings with vibrations, as they stimulate the clitoris.

The penis rings that can be placed around the penis root, should be created in the flaccid state of the penis. For this you can first brush it over the testicles and then around the penis.

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Cock ring with or without vibration?

There are cock rings with vibration and no vibration. The rings with vibrations are suitable for couples as they stimulate the clitoris during sex. With this cock ring type, it is more typical to wear the ring only on the shaft, so that the clitoris can be spoiled optimally.

Which size for a cock ring do I have to choose?

There are very stretchy and adjustable cock rings that simply wrap around the penis without having to pay close attention to the circumference. These are especially suitable for beginners who want to try a penis ring for the first time.

Stretchy silicone cock rings such as round by bold are best applied when the penis is still flabby. If the ring at the root of the penis checks whether one or two fingers fit through it, then it is perfect.

Adjustable penis rings like the penis ring of Malefaction are ideal for beginners, as they can easily put on and take off again. The loop is simply placed around the penis root and tightened.

For penis rings that cannot stretch, however, you should know your exact size that is the circumference of your penis. So you can determine this:

Where and how do I measure my penis circumference?

Depending on where you want to wear the cock ring, there are small differences when measuring. Cock rings can be worn in 3 places on the penis:

  • Behind the testicles
  • In front of the testicles
  • Behind the glands

Did you find the right job? Then measure the right size for the penis ring. A flexible measuring tape serves as a tool, or a piece of thread, which can then be measured. To measure, pull the measuring tape or string tight and put it around the respective spot and measure the erected member exactly.

How to calculate the diameter:

The value that you get out of measuring is the circumference of the penis, which has to be divided by 3.14 (Pi). So you get the diameter of the penis out. Online there are numerous computers that you like the mental arithmetic also decrease.

The right cock ring for your size:

Diameter of the penis is not equal diameter for the penis ring. In order to find the right penis ring size subtract from your penis diameter about 3-5 mm, then you have the right size for the Penis ring. Note: If you want to wear the penis ring around penis and testicles at the same time, you should not remove the 3-5 mm. When using a wide metal ring or other solid material, one should choose a slightly larger diameter for the cock ring, as it cannot be cut or opened in an emergency if it is too tight.

What types of penile rings are there?

Stretchy: Flexible and stretchy penis rings are usually made of silicone or rubber. As already mentioned, these cock rings are perfect for beginners to get used to the feeling. They are easier to put on and easier to remove. Metal: Here it is important to know the exact size. The rings are not flexible and if they are the wrong size they can cut in and affect the blood flow too much. Still, many men prefer metal rings like this Ouch Cock ring! Because the extra weight of the material and hardness play a crucial role in the pleasure feeling.

Which special cock rings are still available?

Do women like anal hooks? The answer is yes, and for them only there are varieties of cock rings and anal hooks are available in sex shops. There are more cock rings, which are especially suitable for advanced. So some rings can be connected to an anal plug or used with a small dildo for double penetration. Some comes with a number of rings that forms like a cock cage. If you have not idea what cock cages are, it is a toy that is used to locked up a cock and can also be opened with a key. You will be forced not to engage in sexual activity so it is also a way to increase semen volume.

What else is there to know?

Do not forget lube: The penis ring should always be put on with some lubricant. A water-based lubricant is best because it is compatible with all materials. The gel also makes it easier to take the penis ring off again.

Set time limit: The penis ring should not be worn longer than 20 minutes in a row. If you have a feeling of numbness or pain before, the penis ring must be removed immediately.

Remove again: The penis ring can be removed as soon as the penis is limp again or only slightly erected. When removing, you should be careful not to pull any pubic hair out. It is generally recommended a pubic hair shave before applying a cock ring.

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