New Butt Plugs Made of Unique Materials

New Butt Plugs Made of Unique Materials Posted on February 18, 2019Leave a comment

Anal plugs made of glass, as well as models made of silicone or ABS, serve anal stimulation. What sets them apart from traditional dildos, however, is their conically shaped shaft with a strongly rounded tip. This ensures easier insertion without much effort and unpleasant feeling. In addition, many glass anal plugs have a kind of stand, which ensures easy handling. Whether for pure stimulation or in preparation for anal intercourse – anal plugs made of glass are extremely popular with both women and men and promise breathtakingly pleasurable moments. Anal plugs made of glass can also be carefully cooled or heated for an even more intense feeling experience but is it safe to use inflatable plugs?

Anal plugs made of glass for intense emotional experiences

The best way to introduce anal plugs made of glass with a little anal lubricant. Especially anal newbie should not do without it. The smooth glass surface is extremely slippery, but can still suffer inexperienced users. In addition, it is recommended to start with a smaller diameter first. A high-quality glass plug, allows a particularly easy insertion due to its narrow, approx. 2, 8 cm thick shaft. Advanced anal lovers can easily fall back on a butt plug with a diameter of about 3, 5 to 4 cm. It is important, just like glass dildos, always proceed with caution with the anal plugs made of glass and immediately stop the stimulation if there is any pain, otherwise unpleasant anal fissures can occur.

Order and experience anal plugs made of glass

Whether smooth, ribbed or curved in sex shops you will find anal plugs made of glass in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. If you like something a bit fancier, choose a model like the Ripple Plug, with a ribbed shaft and extra large base. A rather pure designed butt plug is the glass plug. With its strong, smooth head, this noble pleasure dispenser ensures maximum anal stimulation. And also in terms of breakage you do not have to worry about the high-quality playmates. However, one should be extremely careful when using with lubricants, oils or other slippery liquids, as one of the anal plug can slide out of the hand quickly.

So from the appearance you could put anal plugs in the showcase. For just models made of metal make a really high-quality impression. I think the guests would not notice at first that instead of glasses, only anal plugs in the showcase. Anal plug is the way the German term for anal plug. But let’s get straight to the main features:

Advantages of an anal plug

  • Stretches the anus, for more fun during sex
  • Different sizes facilitate entry
  • Familiarize yourself with the feeling before having anal sex for the first time
  • Tingling sensation when the butt plug is introduced
  • Also suitable for the day, kick in everyday life
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Can be used for solo and partner sex
  • Some has decoration on it like the ones offered in

Disadvantages of an anal plug

  • As with any anal toy, special care is required here as well
  • Too big models can cause pain
  • Some models quite difficult to get out

Use of anal plugs: What should you pay attention to?

To introduce butt plug is not so easy for some. So that it works better with you right away, here are some important tips:

Buy a small model: You’ll probably think when you buy: that’s so small, be sure a larger model fits in. But you are mistaken. At the beginning, you may like to get the toy back pretty well, but at least at the thickest point, it will be too tight down there. Therefore, start with a small, maybe even very thin model. You can still switch to a bigger model if you are more experienced.

Use enough lubricant: This is as good as any sex toy, but is very important here because the anal area is not wet by itself. There are special lubricants for the anal area, do not save in the wrong place. After all, after the application, it should not hurt to be able to remove the plug again.

Empty your bowel before use: True to the motto: where nothing is in it, nothing can come out. Nevertheless, many of them have the feeling right at the beginning of having to use the bathroom when they are using it. This is also first familiar with the matter and get used to it slowly.

Important Info: Do not wear your butt plug daily and on all occasions. Your anal area must be able to recover and should not be constantly under tension. Otherwise, that could have dire consequences. Above all, it does not bother you to wear the thing all day long. In addition, the use should be a highlight and not a routine.

Pain on import, what you can do: It may be that you have pain in the import of the anal plug despite expert tips. Most likely, this is because the butt plug hits the gut wall. The reasons are:

  • Too big model: Grab a smaller model!
  • Too fast import: Try a little slower!
  • Too little lubricant: Take something too much rather than too little lubricant!
  • Wrong import angle: Try it in a different position, maybe it will help you to introduce the Anal plug in a twisting motion
  • So much for import: But you should not forget an important thing. If you do not feel relaxed when importing, none of these tips will help you. Start the thing slowly; try it in the beginning alone in a relaxed environment. Take your time and if it does not work the first time, then stop next time. Take it easy.

Of course you have to keep in mind that the preferences of all of us are different. Some find it cool, for example, when the anal plug is a bit cold, because this feeling gives a certain extra. Others think it’s cool when the plug is a little heavier. So here’s just the motto: find out for yourself what you like the most.

Are anal plugs rather not for you? Then try it with the classic stimulation: Acorn Vibrators you sit on your glands and let you vibrate to climax. If you’re interested, visit this link to browse around a collection of quality butt plugs.

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