My anal plug has helped me develop anal and vaginal strength for my delivery! It gave me transformational practices that have reenergized my sexual energy and intimacy with my partner!


Loving the experience with my butt plug—building a better and more wonderful relationship with my body, and knowing what it does and does not want. I am truly thankful to work with my bestie, my butt plug, in such a loving, healing, and prosperous way. I am grateful for all of the healing and empowerment I have received from this site. I am truly humbled and thankful to have crossed your path.


My anal plug consistently reminds me of this powerful feminine and orgasmic aspect of myself that I want to further uncover and develop. It’s like a voice reminding me in a whisper when it slips out, “Use your muscles and hold it inside!” Learning to consciously contract my muscles to avoid my plug slipping out has trained my muscles during sex, which helped me build momentum to stronger orgasms.


These anal plugs are a must in every woman’s life. Not simply to reverse the pandemic of weak Pelvic Floors that plague so many women, leaking energy and not feeling strong and in our power, but what I love about these specifically is the intention of supporting women in building a relationship of self-intimacy with themselves. I am moved by all the little details that go into supporting the use of these tools from this website, it’s not focused on rules or results, it’s focused on you having and creating the experience you need, that no one else besides ourselves could know. I have two anal sex toys and a sphere that I simply adore and have had such pleasure in sharing them as gifts.


Anal plugs promoted by this website are the best on the market. Most butt plugs are made from the best quality latex, which are shaped using water instead of low grade oils. This means you can rest assured your butt plug is totally safe.