The Ultimate Guide in Purchasing Butt Plugs and Lubricants

The Ultimate Guide in Purchasing Butt Plugs and Lubricants Posted on January 7, 2019Leave a comment

When it comes to anal sex and sex toys, butt plug is also known as anal plug just right for you! The anal sex toy will give you your sex experience achievements and as well as solo pleasure as well as lovemaking with your partner. The butt plug has been developed exclusively for anal sex, and helps with foreplay on anal intercourse. For beginners as well as experienced, he is the sex toy for anal intercourse. The butt plug will give you a whole new experience of orgasms.

A butt plug helps to dilate the anus to facilitate penile penetration during anal sex. Nevertheless, it should not be waived on a Anal. The butt plug is usually slightly curved in shape and has a slightly wider conical tip. But anal plugs are also available on the market. These butt plugs are made of glass and metal as well as silicone, partly decorated with colorful stones. Which butt plug is the most comfortable for you, you have to find out for yourself.

How is a butt plug used?

Butt Plugs stretch the anus in a pleasant, gentle way, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings on the anal area. To prevent pain from introducing the anal plug, you should use a lubricant. What is the best lubricant for a butt plug? To get this answer you have to visit online sex shop and go through the recommendations. To make insertion easier, you can lean your knees. It also helps enormously if your partner can introduce you the Butt Plug. You’ll quickly realize which position is easiest for you,

Anal plug in sex

Many women and men find it particularly cool to be completely “filled out”. An anal plug is ideal for this. He can already be very stimulating during foreplay and can also be introduced some time before sex. You can also wear the plug for several hours. However, the butt plug will be taken out at least once per hour to add analgesic gel so that the friction is minimized and you will not suffer any pain from it. Hygiene is very important in anal sex Please always make sure that your Anal toy always cleans with a Toy cleaner bacteria-free. So you will have fun for a long time through the “backdoor” sex.

Bangkok beads

Bangkok beads are a sex toy in which small balls are threaded on a string and inserted into the anus for stimulation. The removal of the chain during orgasm should cause an additional desire increase.

Bare backing

Bare backing is anal sex that is practiced without the use of condoms.

Sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse is a somewhat outdated name for sexual intercourse.

Belly button shot

Belly button shot is the ejaculation in the navel of the partner.


A biastrophic person is someone who feels sexual pleasure during a rape.


Bisexuality is the tendency to be attracted to both sexes.

Black Snake

The Black Snake is an extremely flexible leather whip that is used as a sex toy.


As bladder colloquially the oral satisfaction of the man (also fellatio) is called. The penis is stimulated with tongue and lips.

Blind date

A blind date is a meeting of two people who have never met before. Usually, such appointments are made after written, telephone or online contact.


As a blowjob (also: blowing) is colloquially the oral satisfaction of the man called. The penis is stimulated with tongue and lips.


It refers to very tender, gentle sex, where much is cuddled. It may also include petting without subsequent sexual intercourse.


Bondage (also: bondage games) is understood as a sexual practice in which one partner is tied up in order to be helplessly exposed to the other. Mostly both partners become sexually aroused thereby.

Bonjour drops

As Bonjour drops (also: pleasure droplets) refers to an aqueous liquid that emerges from the erect penis before the actual ejaculation and can also contain sperm. For this reason, coitus interrupts is a very unsafe way of contraception.


A brothel is a house where prostitution is practiced.

Groom pain

Bridegroom pain is pain that usually occurs in the testicles when ejaculation does not occur after a prolonged period of excitement. Although they are uncomfortable, the medical treatment is not required because they disappear after a short time.


As a breast clamp called an intimate piece of jewelry that is clamped to the nipples and is intended to increase pleasure.


Bukkake is a group practice in which several men pour their sperm onto the face of a woman.

Bare back blow job

Coitus intermammarius is called in the heterosexual variant, the sliding of the penis between the female breasts, while in the homosexual form between two women, the vagina is rubbed directly against the breast of the partner.


Butterfly is understood as a sex toy that is placed in the female genital area and is intended to stimulate the clitoris by virtue of its vibration properties.

Butt Plug

A butt-plugĀ  is a dildo-like sex toy, which is introduced into the anus and should have a sexual stimulating effect. Often it is also used preparatory to easier to penetrate during anal intercourse.

It is called anal plug, daily dildo, Corky or just butt plug. The offer is great. The designs differ in shape, size and color. What they have in common is that they delightfully stretch, widen and spread the sphincter and the rectum and stimulate the prostate in men.

Butt Plugs, the love toys for rectal use, same tapered, plug ‘. They are made of rubber, plastics such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) as well as silicone, metal or the resistant borosilicate glass. What distinguishes a butt plug from the dildo is a more or less bulging foot that anchors itself between the buttocks during wear.

Anal plugs are provided with some intimate and gently introduced anal. After the strongest part of the plug has penetrated the sphincter , the foot part prevents further penetration and keeps the corky in position. As a result, sitting as a daily dildo called rectal safe and can – at least temporarily – be worn under clothing. A butt plug stimulates the libido. He trains and relaxes the sphincter. He can make anal intercourse easier and more enjoyable.

Butt plugs prepare the sphincter for larger. In the male the plug triggers wonderful feelings of pleasure through nerve stimulation in the rectum and the prostate gland. While walking, running, masturbation, hand job and partner sex, an anal plug pleasurably massages the prostate and creates a particularly intense feeling during ejaculation. Butt plugs in great variety and at attractive prices can be found in our two shops. Here we present you numerous models of our offer with a short description. The detailed text can be found at the article in the respective web shop to which the links lead.

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