Tips on Caring for Your Anal Beads

Tips on Caring for Your Anal Beads Posted on January 13, 2019Leave a comment

The best butt plugs and anal beads for beginners and how do you use them? Would you like to look for new exciting adventures together? And are you curious about the sensations of anal erotica? Would you like to enjoy the excitement that stimulates this erogenous zone together? Sexologists would love to help you also with the choice of the best butt plug and the best anal beads.

Anal games: just die

Anal eroticism is a taboo for many. Yet there are millions of men and women who experience anal play as a fantastic addition to their intimate repertoire. Stimulation of the anus creates extraordinary sensations and is particularly exciting. It can lead to intense orgasms in both men and women. In addition, the anus is a special, intimate place. To share this place with your partner gives a bond of trust and intimacy.

Why is anal eroticism so exciting?

The area in and around the anus contains many senses and pressure points that can be activated through massage and stimulation. In case of anal stimulation in the man, the prostate is stimulated which is known to delay ejaculation and the male orgasm becomes much more intense. With the woman, the vaginal wall is pushed a little forward and tightened around the penis. This also stimulates the non-visible part of the clitoris, which causes intense experiences.

Important for anal games

Many people think that anal stimulation hurts. But this fear is really unfounded. Sure, if you treat the anus incorrectly it hurts, but the same applies to the penis or vagina. It is important to relax and not to be afraid of anxiety. Maximum anal pleasure requires rest and patience. Start with a cautious massage and always use a lubricant.

Anal eroticism can provide lots of enjoyment and excitement. There are two ways to play the anal game: stimulation of the sphincter muscle (licking, tickling or applying pressure on the sphincter) and partial or full penetration (with a penis, finger or sex toy). The way you play depends on your preferences and your experience.

Lubricant very important

This erogenous zone does not naturally create moisture. That is why the use of a lubricant is very important. You can not do without. An anal lubricant is often somewhat thicker in structure, and that is also nice if you use toys. Take a look at the Analysis Me Comfort Water Glide, or the 100% natural anal lubricant Sooth e. These are both water-based and easily combined with toys. Would you prefer a silicone lubricant? Then the Analysis is recommended. Use a toy cleaner after use to clean the anal toy. You should also know how to take care and clean anal beads.

Hygiene and relaxation

Anal showering or washing can help you relax and not worry about hygiene. Nice tool: the Nexus Anal Douche. With this anal douche you can clean the inside of the anus very well and easily.

Preventing vaginal infections

Another important point: avoid infection by never touching the vagina with something (finger, mouth, toy, and penis) that has been in contact with the anus. Washing and washing can help to relax and not worry about hygiene. Fine auxiliary mite this anal douche you can clean the inside of the anus very well and easily. Prevent infections by never touching the vagina with something (finger, mouth, toy, and penis) that has been in contact with the anus.

Anal toys

There are different toys for anal games. There is the butt plug and the analbeads. You also have the prostate vibrator for the men.

Butt plugs

The butt plug can have an amazing effect, both with her and with him. A butt plug has a conical shape with a narrow tip for comfortable insertion. Important for a good butt plug is the wide back. The wide back prevents the butt plug from being sucked inwards. That sounds strange, but we explain it. The vagina works everything out naturally. The anus, on the other hand, does not have this out-of-function effect. The anus has a sucking effect, which means that you have to adjust what you bring in. It is important that it cannot get too far into the anus, and that it can be easily removed. In short, a good butt plug must have a wide back.

How to use?

First of all, you ensure that you are sitting or sitting correctly. A comfortable position is lying with a cushion under the buttocks and the legs spread out. But you can also opt for a doggie position on all fours.

After you have applied a large amount of lubricant to the butt plug and the area on and around the anus, you can calmly apply it. You can move the plug a little to feel if it is in the right place. Does it feel comfortable? Then you can push the butt plug a little further, as far as you like. Then you can leave the butt plug alone. It is not the intention to move the butt plug, hence his name.

You can try what it feels like to move the butt plug in and out to experience an exciting thrust. Once you have inserted the butt plug, you can start enjoying all the other sensations of sex.

Choose safe material without toxic substances

A good butt plug is made of safe and soft silicone but must have the necessary firmness. The butt plug must be able to be inserted well and stay in place. Do not buy a butt plug of jelly (rubbery, often transparent material) or PVC. These materials are porous, not clean and can be cleaned thoroughly and they often contain toxic substances. The toxic substances are now banned in children’s toys but they can still be used in adult toys.

Best butt plugs for beginners

Below is a selection of good butt plugs with a small size, good design and made of good quality and safe material. If you feel that you are ready for a next step, you can try a butt plug with a size bigger.

Vibrating butt plug

You can also opt for a butt plug that vibrates; this brings again very different sensations to weigh. A nice vibrating butt plug for beginners is the Petite Sensations. A small, narrow butt plug made of soft silicone that has wonderful vibrations. You can of course also use this without the vibrations. Interested? We have done a test under vibrating butt plugs, the results of which can be read here.

Anal beads

Anal beads are another anal toy. It is a row of balls that are connected to each other. When these anal balls are inserted one by one, it makes for an exciting feeling. But you get the real excitement by removing the anal beads. You should do that slowly, bead for bead.

Anal Beads are also available in different types and sizes. Here, too, we advise starting with a small, and in particular narrow, size. You have to look carefully at the last bead. This should not be too big and preferably with a little conical shape for comfortable insertion.

Everyone can play with anal beads in his or her own way. One person finds two beads more than sufficient, another finds more beads fine. Or maybe you start with a bead. Good anal beads are made of soft and safe silicone, and have certain firmness for easy insertion.

Nice: there are also anal beads available that can vibrate.

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