When do you need to wear a butt plug?

When do you need to wear a butt plug? Posted on December 22, 2019Leave a comment

Butt plugs are the ultimate for amazing anal fun. The anus comprises of multiple nerve endings. When a butt plug hits those nerve endings as it travels inside the anus, it ends up stimulating those nerve endings- leaving you with powerful orgasm. The beauty of the toy is that anybody can wear it. Contrary to the popular opinion, a butt plug isn’t just for women or gay men. Straight men and women in lesbian relationship would also enjoy butt plug play.

Are you new to the world of butt plugs and looking for ideas when to wear them? Well, the post below shares a brief on when you could wear them- followed by points on how to enjoy them like a pro.

When you are craving for anal fun

Vaginal penetration is not the only way to attain orgasm both for men and women. In fact, women often find it hard to achieve the O game through penetration alone. On the other hand, a sensuous anal play could be your gateway to a mindblowing orgasm. This is where you would need to wear a butt plug.

As mentioned previously, the plug does wonders to stimulate the nerve endings in the anus that eventually lead to a strong orgasm. But not only that, it works to stimulate the back wall of vagina as well which helps women to reach their dream orgasm. In other words, anal plugs stimulate both the clit and G-spot in women. In regards to men, anal plugs help to massage the prostate gland that in turn rewards them with a super powerful orgasm.

When penetrative sex isn’t enough

This tip is especially for women.

It has been documented time and again that penetrative sex alone isn’t enough for women to reach that orgasmic delight. If you want to attain orgasmic pleasure at its best while having penetrative sex, pair it with butt plugs. Put simply, if you can wear butt plugs while having regular vaginal sex, you will be able to enjoy that desired satisfaction. You will have a two-way action here. On one hand, you will have a penis stimulating your vagina. On another, you will have a plug stimulating the back-wall of vagina. And both these together will lead you to a euphoric sensation.

When you are suffering from ED issues

This particular tip is for men

Butt plugs can help to manage issues like Erectile Dysfunction in men. The problem of ED is generally caused due to poor blood flow in penile tissues and muscles. As mentioned previously, butt plugs help to massage the prostate gland. A good massage of the prostate gland improves blood flow in the penile region which eventually helps to achieve better erection. If you have ED problems, regular usage of butt plugs will help to manage ED conditions. The LG website offers butt plugs for both men and women, they also have tips and guides that you can follow for better experience.

For how long would you wear butt plugs?

Now, this is a very common question among new butt plug users. Given the amazing sensation the toy promises, a lot of users wish to wear butt plugs for longer periods of time. So, the question is- can you actually wear it for a longer period? Well, the answer is both no and yes.

It’s to remind you here the anus is not meant to take things inside. It’s physiologically designed to release things. When you insert a butt plug inside, you go against the natural course of action. So, there could be some level of irritation initially. Yes, you can manage that by good lubrication. But when you wear the toy for longer period, the lube will dry out and the plug might cause more irritation. It’s especially the case when you wear harder toys like metal or glass. Put simply, you should not wear your plug for an extended time if it is made of metal or steel or glass.

On the other hand, you might wear your butt plug for a longer period of time if its made from silicone. It’s because silicone is soft and extremely comfortable for the skin. Thus, when you insert a silicone plug inside, you hardly feel any irritation. Silicone is a flexible material and can adjust itself as per the contours of your body. It makes it an ideal material for a toy that will be treading into one of the most delicate parts of the body.

Other tips for safe usage of butt plugs

Start small

If you are new to the butt plug world, don’t aim for bigger sizes immediately. Yes, longer and thicker plugs promise solid girth but powerful sensation. But, the same ones could be hurtful and damaging when you haven’t used a plug before. It’s because, your anus is not trained to receive a toy inside yet. So, the first thing is to season your body to accept a butt plug. And for that, you would have to start with a small toy. With smaller toys, the initial irritation would be minimal.

A good tip would be to invest in a set of butt plugs that contains toys in small, medium and large sizes. This way, you can start with a small one and then graduate to larger sizes as you gain more experience over time.

Start with a soft material

You should always begin your butt plug journey with a soft material like silicone. Metal and glass plugs are no doubt great. They are also cool for temperature play. But they will be too tough for your delicate muscles and nerves when your body is not used to receive a toy inside. So, you should always start with a soft and comfortable material like silicone. Besides, silicone is body-safe and extremely convenient to clean. Once your body gets acquainted with silicone, you might gradually try out the harder materials.

Use generous amount of lubricant

The anus can’t lubricate itself. Thus, you will need to use a generous share of lubricant when you use a butt plug.  Make sure to lather the lube on the plug and your anal passage for a frictionless and painless insertion.


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